After the kitchen, the bathroom may be the next item when it comes to the mirror of one household. We will never be able to hide it from other eyes, so we must make sure that the bathroom has a nice design, harmonious colors and is clean.


Personalize the curtains to your liking

Colorful geometric textures can really change your shower. Choose a curtain design that is the embodiment of your character in the abundance of solutions that exist today, because the curtain covers a fairly large area, so a change would really affect the atmosphere.

You can find a variety of colorful carpets for your bathroom everywhere. You have cheaper and more expensive options, and you choose the one that suits your taste. But still make sure it fits in with the rest of the bathroom.

You may not have seen this before, but if you are a fan of vintage style, this is the right decoration for you. The fabric can soften the space with ease while hiding cleaning supplies and providing extra storage space. And when you’re bored, you can always take it off and throw it away.

Additional storage is always needed, but visible this time. Visible storage space that is also a decoration for your bathroom is very easy to reach. Use wooden shelves for your towels, unusual makeup or soap jars, decorative buckets or brushes. You can do it yourself.



We’ve all seen those tiny colorful ceramic tiles. They can often be found in old buildings, and we encourage this design as it will fill your bathroom with charm. You can get a new look for your walls in no time and you won’t be sorry when you’re bored, just replace them. Introducing the best that can fit in any small bathroom. They give their customers and their bathrooms a very modern and fresh look that can be created depending on the space available. These are some of the best-design showers that can inspire you to create one in your space as well.

These showers have many advantages, the first of which is a chic and modern look, because rarely any material can be as modern as glass. Because of their glass doors, such shower cubicles act as if they occupy no space and make the bathroom and the shower surface fuse together, which is crucial for all small square rooms. Glazed showers have a very relaxing spa look, which can help you relax after a long, hard day’s work. Glass is the ideal material for creating a meaningful look and brings with it plenty of style.

Shower and steam room

Shower cabins have a strong spa feel and their inclusion in the steam bath can create a personal spa. You will be able to use the best of both worlds and save a lot of space, because all you need is a bench or a seating area, but if you do not have that much space you can use a folding chair or bench. Allow the seating area to fit the style of the bathroom, for example, if it is nature-inspired you can use a large stone as a seating area, or opt for a wooden chair. It would be wise to include a small window in your design when using only a shower to allow free flow of air in the room.

Your shower can be door-less and fully open, especially if you need the entire room. If you have enough space and borders, it is easier for you to relax and you can create spa or natural stone or stone style spa floors or walls. Marble is another luxury alternative that offers a timeless look and is perfect for showers. Add greenery or flowers to the bathroom, in pots covered with gravel for an even fresher look.


What trends do we expect next year? Experts from Villeroy & Boch know the answer to this question and have prepared a list of the hottest trends in bathroom design in 2020.

The desire to live in harmony with ourselves and the world around us is one of the main needs of modern man. Therefore, in 2020 it will be held under the slogan “Let nature go home!”